Display of Fiber to the Home System in Bowling Green

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A mobile touring station set up in the BGMU parking lot gave visitors more information on this wave of technology.

Miles McDaniel is the Manager of Business Development and Marketing at BGMU. He says: "Fiber to the home would be a single line to your home that could activate televises, telephone, and also your Internet."

This 53 foot trailer is traveling across the country showcasing Sprint's Fiber to the Home capabilities. Visitors go through a walk through and hear how the system works.

McDaniel says: "We're looking into that. Again we're waiting on the study to come back, the feasibility study. And until we get those results BGMU is not committed to anything at this point."

If BGMU builds a fiber optic network to reach every home in their service area it would be capable of handling about 25 times more data than a current cable modem connection.

Insight Cable is currently the provider of cable and broadband services for our area. Rick Williams is president of Insight Cable and tells WBKO they aren't sure where BGMU came up with the idea that our market is underserved in the area of Broadband. He goes on to say they are proud of what they've done in the community and they will wait to see the results of the feasibility report before making any moves.

Officials at BGMU say they just want to provide other options to the people in our community.

McDaniel says: "We're trying to educate the public. We're trying to educate the citizens of Bowling Green so that they can make an aware decision either positive or negative whatever that may be."