Beech Bend Roller Coaster

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Beech Bend Amusement Park has games and rides for those of all ages, but according to park owner, Dallas Jones, the one attraction it was missing was a wooden roller coaster.

"I've always wanted a coaster for the last 10 I made a decision last year that we'd take that giant step and invest a wooden coaster", says Jones.

Jones, along with the coaster's design engineer, Jeff Pike,
both say that this project is one that they feel tourists will want to see whenever visiting Bowling Green.

"Right now Western Kentucky University and the Corvette Musuem...those kinds of places are associated with Bowling Green..and I think eventually you're going to see that this structure and then ultimately this park are really part of Bowling Green."

The project is only about seventy-five percent done, but crews are working seven days a week to make sure it gets done on time, a 4.5 million dollar project Dallas Jones has put his entire life savings into."

"When you do a project by yourself, you invest everything that you've ever worked for: your savings, your retirement, your beach house and whatever else you can think of. We've invested our life savings to this...and hopefully it will turn out for us...hopefully it will turn out good for us", says Jones.

The wooden coaster is scheduled to open on May 6th. Over 7,000 roller coaster enthusiasts have made plans to visit the park during the first month that it opens.

The Discovery Channel has also been filming the construction of the roller coaster that will air in a documentary on roller coasters in April.