Halloween Safety

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George Doyle knows a thing or two about keeping children safe on halloween. George has seen his three kids through the perils of trick or treating.

"Well I''ve gone several years with them. Its always good to have parent supervision, especially the way the world is today. Thats why its so important to know where they are going, " says Doyle

The Kentucky State Police are offering tips to help parents keep their children safe while trick or treating.

"Always go trick or treating with your kids or send them with someone you trust. Make sure they go to places you're familiar with or don't go to an unfamiliar place, a place where you don't know or trust the people," notes Kentucky State Trooper Brad McPherson.

The K-S-P also suggests dressing your children in costumes that are visible to motorists. Do not let your children eat any candy before you've had a chance to inspect it and teach your child what to do if they get separated from their group.

"If they get separated from the group always, try your best to find the adult that you were with or someone you were with . If not surely it'll be a place that the parent's familiar with. A child can go to the door and tell them that they were separated from their group," offers McPherson.

According to the K-S-P... The safest times to trick or treat are in the afternoon before the sun sets.

Doyle says that while the halloween precautions are necessary they shouldn't be restricted to one day.

Kentucky State Police will be out during trick or treating hours tomorrow.
If you have any questions you can contact the Kentucky State Police at (270) 782-2010, or the Bowling Green Police Department at (270)393-4244.