Girl Credited for Saving Man's Life

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Henry Miller once wrote every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him.

Destiny McGrew says: "We came over for her birthday party."

On Sunday, nine-year-old Destiny McGrew visited her grandmother for her birthday. That's when she found out what a role destiny would play in her life.

Bob Dockery says: "I went outside and I got my feet tangled up."

McGrew says: "I heard something cracking down there and I came over here to look."

The sound Destiny heard was her grandmother's neighbor, Bob Dockery. He had fallen down this ravine. He has a medical condition and if she hadn't found him, it could have proved fatal."

Dockery says: "Good chance I would have died."

McGrew says: "I thought he was hurt really, really bad. And I was really scared."

Although he made it out with just a few scratches on his arm, he uses an oxygen tank to help him breathe, and if he hadn't been found it could have killed him. Dockery says when he first fell he yelled for help.

Dockery says: "Then I started working at getting out. That didn't work out too well."

When Destiny saw him she ran to her grandmother's house for help. Her father and uncle were able to push Dockery out and back to safety.
He says he's very grateful for her help and Destiny feels good about what her destiny led her to do.

McGrew says: "I feel pretty good because I saved his life."

Destiny says she wants to be an investigator when she grows up and it looks like she's got a good start to that career.