Seven-Year-Old Shot

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Barren County Sheriff's Office Detective Rusty Anderson says: "Around three o'clock in the morning I got a call from Deputy Steve Runyon that a boy had been shot. A seven-year-old."

The shooting took place here at 39 Ike Morrison Road in Cave City on November 1. The child's mother's boyfriend was taking care of him.

Anderson says: "Sometime during the night, the gun went off and he was accidentally shot."

When they went to bed that night the child fell asleep on the couch.

Anderson says: "Apparently the boyfriend had left the gun on the top of the couch. He thought it was unloaded on the back of the couch where the boy was sleeping."

The boy was taken to TJ Samson Hospital with injuries to his ear and shoulder. Detective Anderson says he's lucky. His injuries could have been much worse.

Anderson says: "A couple more inches and it could have been very bad for the child."

No charges have been filed yet, but the Department of Permanency and Protection have taken the child out of the home and placed him with a relative. Detective Anderson says this is an important reminder for parents to keep their guns away from kids at all times. He says the child is recovering after the accident and only needed stitches to his ear and shoulder.

Anderson says: "I hadn't talked to him today. But yesterday he was doing fine. He was in good spirits he was very lucky."