Search Continues for Tennessee Shooting Suspects

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Police say a restaurant delivery driver was dropping off food at a TSU dorm room Monday night when he was robbed and murdered.
The two suspects got away with his car and cash.

The recent murder calls attention to the dangers delivery drivers face while doing their jobs.

"Incidents like these cause us to up safety and use extra caution," says Domino's pizza manager Anthony Coffey.

Domino's requires workers to take customer's numbers when they place an order, log their information, then make courtesy call backs before delivering. Under the current policy, drivers can only carry $20 dollars in their pockets.

If a customer places an order from a pay phone, workers aren't permitted to deliver to them, they must come to the store to pick up their pizza.

Delivery drivers say the job can be dangerous, but they're willing to take the risk to may a few extra dollars.

"The late shift can be scary, but anyone who works in this business knows you make the best money working late at night."