Special Assignment: Without Support

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"There are times that if it weren't for credit cards, we wouldn't eat."

A Bowling Green woman and her ex-husband have been apart more than eight years, during which he has fallen more than $13,000 behind in his child support payments.

"And I also happen to know he has means to get the money. He's just making that choice not to."

And Mrs. X finds that incredibly frustrating. Meanwhile, the two children they share must do without.

"And when they're wanting to take class field trips or take music lessons or any kind of things like that, I feel like they should be able to do, and it shouldn't be an issue of 'can I?' It should be, 'y' know, go with your class. You should be able to do these things.' To me those are basic things."

This is just one example of thousands of delinquent child support cases here in south central Kentucky. Warren County Attorney, Amy Milliken, has made going after child support her passion.

In our next Special Assignment segment, we'll hear how she uses every tool at her disposal, including jail time, to make deadbeat parents pay.