Munfordville Tornado Aftermath

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Governor Ernie Fletcher arrived around 11:45 this morning to survey the damage.

According to Munsfordville Mayor John Johnson, 46 homes and businesses suffered major damage while 40 others receieved minor damage.

The total estimated cost of the damage is around 2-point-1 million dollars.

Even though the tornado claimed several lives when it ripped through Indiana, Kentucky State Police say Kentuckians faired much better with no confirmed fatalities and only minor injury.

After touring the area, Governor Fletcher noted the state will be taking measures to help rebuild the city in the coming days. Members of the Kentucky National Guard will patrol the area at night during the curfew hours. There are also memebers of the state assessing the damage tally in Munfordville.

The Governor says an announcement about emergency aid will be made soon in order to help these Kentuckians get their lives back.