Woodburn Farms Damaged by Storm

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Ronnie Hargett says: "It's quite a bit more in daylight then what I thought it was last night."

Daylight unveils an unpleasant picture for much of the Woodburn community.

Travis Van Meter says: "I guess you can see kinda what happened to it. It ain't too pretty."

Two of the barns on Travis Van Meter's father's farm were destroyed in Tuesday's storm.

Van Meter says: "Just trying to clean up. Trying to keep it dry and away from everybody trying to come in after it."

The Dickerson farm on 240 lost three barns and several silos were damaged along with some of his machinery.

Lacy Dillard says: "The damage is pretty bad. By far, this has been the worst hit in this area."

The light of day also showed hay and tobacco farmer Ronnie Hargett how much damage his barn received.

Hargett says: "Obviously this morning, with the daylight. I was even more surprised that it was as bad as it was. It took out a lot of our barns."

Hargett says some equipment was damaged and he'll have to find a place to keep his tobacco.

Lacy Dillard can't believe the destruction one storm caused in his community.

Dillard says: "It's just amazing because I'm born and raised in the Woodburn/Rich Pond area. And you see building and stuff that have been here since I was a kid. And now they are down after a few minutes of wind. It's just amazing what it can do."