CHILDREN FIRST: Spotlight A Youth

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The spotlight is shining upon some youth in our area. It's part of a local program that recognizes certain children for making a difference in the eyes of another or demonstrating self-improvement and accomplishment.

Scottie Furlong recently received a "Spotlight A Youth" award after considerable self-improvement. Scottie used to make C's and D's but now he is making A's and B's in his sixth grade class at North Warren Elementary. Scottie's teacher, Carole Pippin, says Scottie deserved recognition for his hard work.

If you would like to nominate a child in Warren County for the "Spotlight a Youth" award you can pick up a form at the Community Education office on Patrick Way in Bowlin Green or you can fill out a form on-line at Or for more information you can call Community Education at (270) 842-4281. Anyone is encouraged to nominate a youth.