Four BG Men Indicted on Arson Charges

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Four Bowling Green men believed to have torched a home out of retribution have been indicted by the Warren County Grand Jury.

Flames destroyed the home on Sandra Street on September 17.

Twenty-year-old Pahjahzeet Leeka, 20-year-old Neehad Hoj-Dair-Evitch, 20-year-old Robert Bereesa, and 18-year-old Dzeemil Music have all been charged with first degree arson or first degree arson by complicity.

Bonds for Leeka and Music are $100,000 cash each.

Bereesa and Hoj-Dair-Evitch are out on $50,000 partially-secured bonds.

The commonwealth believes they set the fire in retribution for an earlier altercation with the suspected owners of the house.