2 New Insurers Interested In Joining Kynect

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- At least two new health insurance companies say they want to sell policies on Kentucky's health insurance exchange.

The exchange, named kynect, is the website where people can sign up for the state's Medicaid program or purchase discounted private health insurance plans, depending on their income.

Ohio-based CareSource and Florida-based WellCare have filed paperwork with state regulators indicating their interest in selling policies through kynect. Both companies provide Medicaid plans in Kentucky but have not sold on the individual market.

Kynect just finished its first open enrollment. Officials say more than 421,000 people signed up for health insurance. About 338,000 signed up for Medicaid and about 83,000 purchased private health insurance plans.

Two companies currently sell statewide policies on kynect. Louisville-based Humana sells policies on kynect only in certain areas.

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