2012 ATHENA Award Winner Announced

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One local business woman was recognized Thursday for her achievements in the workplace and the community.

The Bowling Green Area Chamber Of Commerce and Martin Management Group presented Dr. Sue Parrigin with the 2012 ATHENA Award.

Parrigin is the 27th recipient of this prestigious honor.

She has worked at Western Kentucky University for the past 21 years.

Sue says working to better improve our community is something she hopes everyone takes advantage of.

"I mean getting out and being a part of the community is something I feel like everybody should want to do. Not for a reward or some kind of recognition but just because it's fun and there is a lot of great people as you can see volunteering and doing things," says Parrigin.

Barbara Stewart was given an honorary ATHENA Award.

Both Stewart and Parrigin will be guests of honor at a luncheon on November 7.

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