Banning the Bite?

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The mayor says many citizens are expressing their concern over pets who are roaming the streets and an over-population of cats and dogs.

The city commission has received also requests to add a clause that would outlaw citizens from owning "aggressive" dogs.

"Aggressive" dogs are classified as Pitbulls, Akitas, Rottweilers, etc.

Mayor Walker says the problem with that suggestion is that there are people who are responsible pet owners who have Pitbulls and swear that they are gentle, loving animals.

Back in August a 9-year-old Bowling Green girl was mauled by a Japanese Akita while playing at her grandparent's house.

But according to Animal Control officer Dale Blair, a dog's breed should not play a role in whether it's viewed as "vicious."

He notes that before an animal can be considered vicious, not by its breed but because of its actions, it must be deemed vicious or declared vicious by a judge.

Up until that point that pet can be treated like any other dog or cat in the city limits.

Legislation about banning certain dogs will not be included in the proposal being brought before the commission, but Mayor Walker notes it is something the city will continue to look at.