Thanksgiving Calorie Counter

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Thanksgiving dinner offers something for everyone.

Liz Fogle says,"Too much! A lot of turkey. Lots of stuffing. We're a roll family."

Matt Hasler says, "We were pretty traditional. I had some turkey, dressing, green beans, deviled eggs (which are my favorite)."

The last thing on the minds of many people is how many calories they consume.

Fogle says, "It's the holidays. You're allowed to indulge a couple times a year. It's okay."

Just to see how many calories there were we calculated it on a Thanksgiving calorie calculator. All you do is check-off the boxes of food that you eat and hit the do the math button. The calculator will tally the rest. So how many calories do they think were in the meals they ate?

Hasler says, "I don't know on my plate. Probably like 8 thousand."

Fogle says, "I'd probably say around 2,000-3,000."

It turns out they both had about eleven hundred-sixty calories. Meaning they would have to walk 11.6 miles or about 23,250 steps to burn off those calories. Not something they plan on doing this Thanksgiving day.

Hasler says, "No, I'm not going to hit the gym. In fact, I'm probably going to go to sleep and watch some TV."

Fogle says, "No gym today. Maybe tomorrow. I might try to do some walking tomorrow or something like that."

When you get into the refrigerator tomorrow, you can also use the calculator to count up leftovers.

If you are brave enough to see how many calories you ate on Thanksgiving click here!