KSP Troopers Head to Mississippi

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Thirty Kentucky State Police troopers lined up early Sunday morning outside the rest area of mile marker 29 for vaccines against Tetanus and diphtheria.

The troops are heading to Mississippi to assist state and and local enforcement agencies still getting back on their feet from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina back in August.

Kentucky State Police trooper Dathan Tarrence is among 30 troopers heading to Mississippi.

The hurricane ravaged State requested additional assistance, and as usual, KSP troopers didn't hesitate to go despite the long holiday weekend.

Dathan said, "I actually got to spend Thanksgiving with my family but I felt like they needed our help."

Media Relations Commander Major Lisa Rudzinski says unlike previous trips where troopers gave humanitarian aid, his trip will also provide much needed general police services.

Commissioner Mark Miller briefed the troopers before their departure on the state of the agency and upcoming legislative initiatives.

Miller also took the time to personally thank the group's effort for this mission.

Commissioner Miller also said this mission is a good example of how American agencies can combat disasters as a united front.

Major Rudzinski agrees and says they are brothers and sisters when it comes to law enforcement agencies.

Trooper Dathan hopes this will inspire his two boys to embrace the values KSP troopers exemplify.

Plans are underway for a fourth group to be sent to the gulf region in about a week to relieve these 30 troops.

A fifth group is also being planned.

Commissioner Miller says they won't have a problem finding additional officers to go since far more troops volunteered for the mission than were allowed to go on the current trip.

To date over 130 Kentucky State Troopers have participated in the relief efforts.