"In The System"- Part I

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Currently in Kentucky, there are a little over 6,500 children in the foster care system, and that number seems to be growing.

Children are placed in the foster care system when the state takes them away from their parents due to being neglected, or being abused emotionally, physically, or sexually.

These children are sent to live at a temporary group home or with families who agree to keep them while they wait to be reunited with their biological families. According to those that work in the system, the number of children in foster care is growing.

"People have children without realizing the responsibility that goes with it and not being able to, for different reasons, being able to live up to that. That results in alot of children being in foster care", says Attorney Wesley Milliken.

"This year particularly we've had a significant number of children placed at birth because of methanphetamine and other drugs that were being used by the pregnant mother during pregnancy", says Warren County Family Court Judge, Margaret Huddleston.

Reasons such as this are why the amount of children in the system increases everyday, and why more foster homes continue to become more essential as the number rises.

"Primarily to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children so they can recover from any trauma they may have suffered with their parents or the adults they were with before being placed in foster care", says Huddleston.

According to the Pew Commission on Children and Foster Care, one-fourth of all Americans know nothing about the foster care system. If you're one of those and want to know more, or are interested in being a foster parent, you can contact The Cabinet for Health and Family Services at (270) 746-7447.