Holiday Sing

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Vicky Carson believes that music and caves go together.

"The cave has wonderful acoustics. Even in the earliest days when the cave tours started in the early 1800's, music and sound was used to show what size the cave was, to show how big and how grand it was," according Carson.

Chris Groves and his wife, Dina have been coming to Mammoth Cave every December since 1984, when a friend turned them on to the "Cave Sing.”

Groves says he thinks about the cave sing all year long.

The "Cave Sing" has featured country groups and church singers as well as its own brass ensemble.

The "Cavemen Barbershop Quartet" has been a staple at the event since its beginning.

Carson and the Groves family say it’s as much about tradition as it is its unique location.

Carson notes, "It’s a really grand tradition and I think its something the local community has grown to appreciate and come out year after year with their families."

"It’s something different and it’s something nice the cave people have done for the community and a nice holiday tradition," Groves says.