Festival of Giving at Greenwood Mall

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The mall hosted its third annual "Festival of Giving" event.

Western's lady topper basketball fans also got to meet the teams coaching staff.

The "Festival of Giving" is a one day event where shoppers pay 5 dollars for an afternoon of shopping while giving back to participating local non-profit organizations.

Charities keep 100 percent of the proceeds while shoppers get discounts on selected items at the mall.

Greenwood Mall's Marketing Manager Shelli Rose says its a fun way to give back to the community while getting your shopping done.

Other perks included complimentary gift wrapping and a special visit to children from Santa.

Santa wasn't the only special guest at the event.

The entire Lady Topper Basketball coaching staff greeted and signed autographs for faithful fans.

Head Coach Mary Taylor Cowles says this is a unique chance for to connect with fans on a personal level.