Holiday Stress

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According to a survey by the Market and Opinion Research International group, half of the population finds Christmas shopping stressful.

"Normally when people go through the Christmas holiday at the end of the year, some of them may get some trouble being under the stress related to the holidays", says Urgentcare Doctor, Medhat Grace.

While Christmas shopping can be stressful for many, shoppers aren't the only ones who get stressed during the holidays. Many retail workers also have reasons to worry.

"We deal with a little bit of stress. Our stress is related to other people's like UPS being late and the stress they go through. That has a domino effect on us", says Bloom store owner, Lauren Cohen.

According to Cohen, getting the store ready for the holiday can also be stressful.

"I think it's an eye-opener when you usuallly work a 40 hours workweek and now you're working 60 hours just in store plus the other hours we put in after work. It's alot of time that we don't get to go out and do things that we need to get done, but its definitely worth it at this time of year", says Cohen.

According to Doctor Grace, some physical symptoms of stress can be having trouble sleeping, feeling tense and jittery, or not being able to concentrate.

To avoid this Christmas season stress, he recommends you stay active during the holiday, plan ahead to minimize pressure, try shopping online to fight long store lines, and if possible, avoid last-second shopping.