Online Program Allows Parents to Monitor What Kids Eat

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Bowling Green City Schools’ lunch coordinator, Kim Simpson, says: "Meal Pay is a program where we take payments for breakfasts and lunches online."

Bowling Green City Schools are pioneering the way of future when it comes to options kids have to pay for lunch. By logging onto the City Schools website and clicking on the Meal Pay icon parents can do a variety of things such as monitor what their kids are eating.

Simpson says: "It's a website where parents can go and can view their child's account and see what they're buying."

Bowling Green High School Principal, Gary Fields, uses the program for his daughter and for himself. He says: "It gives me an opportunity to get online and see if she's eating lunch each day. If she's buying a lot of extras and things like that."

If a parent sees their child is eating too much of a certain food they can call the school and put a block on that item. They can also put blocks on any food their kids are allergic to. Parents can also eliminate the worry of their kids not having enough in their account.

Simpson says: "A lot of parents never really know how much money their children had in their account or when they owed money when they didn't. Or checks would get lost in the backpacks."

Fields says: "I have an eight-year-old daughter and instead of her having to remember after school that she needs money in her account it automatically does it."

About 500 students and faculty are enrolled in the program. That means about 20 percent of the revenue brought in from school lunches is coming from Meal Pay accounts. If a parent makes a payment on their personal computer it only takes 15 minutes until it processes in the students account. You can start a MealPay account at any time day or night by logging on to the Bowling Green City Schools website.