Barren County Bus Accidents

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Inclement weather forced many area counties to call off school, but Barren County schools decided to open their doors despite the conditions.

According to Barren County Transportation Director W.R. "Bud" Tarry, once the decision was made to have classes, it would have been difficult to scrap those plans.

"We were proceeding around. Some of our buses were probably about two-thirds loaded. Then we had some sleet come through the areas. We had some of the areas of the county that didn't get any sleet."

During the morning bus routes, one bus slid off of the road after trying to pass another car that had also slid off the pavement moments earlier.

"There were some people guiding the bus around. They had to open the other lane. The vehicle in front of our bus stopped and required our bus to stop and the bus slid after it came to a stop, it slid sideways into the car," says Tarry.

With more inclement weather forecasted for later in the afternoon, Barren County schools let out classes at noon.

While traveling through a four-way intersection on 31-E North, a Barren County school bus was hit in the front by a truck coming from the east after the truck's driver failed to yield.

Tarry and his weather spotters will once again go out and inspect the roads to determine if school will be in session.

"We'll get out and probably check the roads about 9 or 10 o'clock and if we can make a decision then we will. If not, we'll be out in the morning around 4, checking the roads and talking with each other over the county."