Citizens Versus Tennessee Valley Authority

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"We found out about it secondhand about 30 days ago at a football game asking us if we were upset about this route."

Tim Kenaly is just one of many residents upset with the Tennessee Valley Authority.

TVA recently decided to place power lines in the neighborhoods of Chestnut Hill and Bent Creek Farms.

TVA maintains they sent out letters to every resident in both subdivisions, but several residents say they never received anything.

"The fact that nine people, families that live in this area to not have noticed a letter from TVA or received a letter, I think really shows that no notification was given," says Chestnut Creek resident, Kela Fee.

Many residents don't want the power lines added to the subdivisions because the lines would run directly through their back yards.

According to Kenaly, putting in the power lines would also create a health risk for Cumberland Trace Elementary.

"You're going to cut through two or three neighborhoods and affect a school, Cumberland Trace Elementary."

"There's 560 students. You're going to expose them to six or seven years however long they go to school there and the faculty to electromagnetic fields that have been shown to cause cancer."

The residents say they would prefer if TVA would put up the new lines along already existing lines near Scottsville Road.

TVA heard from concerned citizens last week in an open house regarding the power lines.

TVA is expected to make a decision on the electrical lines in a couple of weeks.