Winter Driving Tips

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Kentucky State Police Troopers say there are several important steps that will increase your safety when stranded in winter weather.

Storms cause poor visibility and ice-covered roadways. Staying in your vehicle in these situations if often the safest choice.

Trooper Chad Winn says let others know you are stranded by tying a ribbon on your antenna.

Winn says preparation is key.

Create a winter survival kit before bad weather strikes for your vehicle with items that will come handy should you get stranded.

Leaving these items in the front seat is crucial. These items include a cell phone and charger, blankets, first-aid kits, a can and waterproof matches to melt now for water, jumper cables, roadmaps, and a compass.

Trooper Winn says women should be especially cautious if help is offered.

Winn says, "she needs to ask for help don't go with them, they have to call KSP and stay with vehicle."

Other tips if stranded are: Try staying awake and keep moving even if it gets dark. This makes you less vulnerable to cold-health related problems and increases your circulation.

Stay warm by wrapping your entire body including your head with clothing and newspapers.

KSP also says giving a family member or friend a copy of your travel itinerary if you plan on taking a road trip this holiday season so that you arrive safely at your final destination.

One of the most important things KSP emphasizes is speeding.

Drivers speed when they don't realize that even though the ground looks clear, roads can still be very slick.

Drivers need to slow down and always pay attention.

If you need road and traffic information you can dial 511 from your phone.