Christmas Church Controversy

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Central Kentucky's largest church is defending a decision to not offer worship services on Christmas, which will fall on a Sunday.

According to Southland Christian Church minister, Jon Weese, the elders chose to value families and people over policy.

As other large churches across the nation are deciding to close their doors on Christmas, a majority of the churches in our area have decided to remain open.

"When we were first considering what to do on that day we decided that it was an important enough day that we shouldn't cancel services," says Forrest Park Baptist Church pastor, Mark Baldauff.

"I think that each church has to make its own decision and for us it worked that we would have the morning worship time," says

Many churches in the area have decided to remain open on Christmas, only cancelling the childrens morning Sunday school classes and night worship services.

"We feel that we had to do, that we should do, the worship time, but we wouldn't condemn those doing otherwise," says Doyel.

According to many church members, the decisions from the bigger churches to not hold worship services on Christmas just isn't surprising.

"It's not unusual that this happens, but we have to look at ourselves and make sure we're individually and as churches celebrating the season for the right reaon," says Forrest Park member Mike Givens.