Russellville Prepared Program

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At the beginning of the year, Russellville will take part in the Kentucky Community Preparedness Program.

The program will allow a seven-person team of risk assessors to come to Logan County and look for possible areas of safety improvement.

"They're looking to make it safer from criminal attack. They're also looking at environmental issues too, and even safety issues," according to Russellville Police Chief Barry Dill.

The group will spend 4 or 5 days inspecting 16 different places in Logan County determined by county officials.

"We want to make sure we target areas that if something was to happen in that area it would affect the community, such as the water treatment plant, of course government, anything that has to do with the government."

"We'll also look at larger factories that have dangerous chemicals," adds Chief Dill.

All Logan County schools will also be inspected as well.

After the inspection is complete, the group will provide suggestions to the county.

They can then decide if they want to make the adjustments.

Chief Dill says, "If we do them fine, and if we don't fine. Of course we should and will look to do at least 10-thousand dollars worth cause they're gonna give us 10-thousand dollars back in grants."

For the county officials, grant money may be good but a safer community is the real goal of this program.

"I think the big benefit is that we have an assignment by a third party that has come in and done a lot of other assessments, to come in and look and see where we're weak."

"Whether we can fix them or not, we can work and set our goals to where that we wait if they cost more than we can afford now, maybe we can fix it in the future."