Is Santa Looking for a Reindeer?

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"Everybody in Columbia is talking about it. There was a call-in on the radio station about it, everyone thinks it might be Rudolph somewhat misguided this holiday season."
Sheriff Cheatham comments on what he says the talk of the town is this week.
"I am going to post some "No hunting" signs around the courthouse because i have had some people inquire about it! No hunting off balcony of courthouse!"
They're saying this time a deer did the damage, but according to Columbia residents, this isn't the first time the courthouse has taken a beating.
"We had a pick-up truck drive through the doors not all the way through but through the front doors."
Wid Harris owns Town Barber Shop on the square, he also says
animals are no strangers on courthouse grounds.
"Back in horse riding days --one fella rode right through the courthouse! The Sheriff gave him a$10.00 fine, then the man said I will give you $20.00 because I am going to back through."
But, that was several sheriff's ago, Steve Cheatham says he won't fine the deer who did the deed, especially since he thinks he knows what the motive was.
"Maybe he was trying to find a way into courthouse to bring us Christmas gifts."
Or maybe the deer saw its reflection, mistaking it for a companion to share this mating season with.
"It might have been getting excited about getting close to Christmas, might have been Rudolph-- i don't know."