Local Boy Gets Gift of Life

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Brandie Pellet is the mother of five-year-old Austin. She says: "It is just blessing. It's a true blessing."

Austin Pellet traveled from Bowling Green to the Cincinnati Children's Medical Center with his family last night for a surgery that will change his life.

"It's so terrifying to get that call because it is a very long surgery and it's very invasive surgery. You want everything to go smooth and it did. But you don't know that' at the time."

Austin has Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. He was in desperate need for a liver transplant and had been waiting since April. After being in surgery for several hours he is now in recovery.

"He's doing great. It went really well. No complications during surgery. He's already functioning on it.

But his mother told doctors at the hospital if the surgery had not been successful, she wanted his organs donated.

"I feel like organ donation is important no matter what. So if Austin was in the middle of his surgery I told them if he was bleeding uncontrollably or the surgery wasn't going to work I then wanted him to return the gift of life."

A few weeks back Austin was at the Castle of Miracles at Disney World with his family when he wished for a transplant and a chance at a normal life.

"And his wish was for the transplant. So last night on the way up here he said 'Mama my wish is coming true.'"

Austin's new liver comes from a 6-year old girl who died in a car accident in Ohio on Saturday along with her 10-year-old sister.

Skylar Edwards' family agreed to donate her liver to Austin.

Carrie Edwards was Skylar's sister. She says: "We're just happy that somebody else is going to have a good Christmas and somebody else isn't going through what we are right now."

Brandie Pellet says: "I could never, never thank them. There's no possible way to repay them because they have lost one and I'm getting to keep my child where they've lost theirs."

Austin's family is staying with him now and he may be in Cincinnati for some time, depending on how quickly he heals. If you would like to make a donation to help the Pellet family with the cost of Austin's medical bills... You can go to any BB&T bank to make a donation to "Austin Pellet's Liver Transplant Fund."