One Month Later

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A month ago, the citizens of Munfordville began sifting through the damage after a major tornado hit the area.

The tornado did severe damage to the neighborhood that Dale and Mishanda Griffin call home.

The Griffins say they're coping but the whole experience has really affected their little girls.

"They've had a real hard time since the tornado. Really scared, worried that it'll happen again. We've had to have a lot of discussions about the storms and different disasters that could happen to us and how we just pick back up," says Mishanda Griffin.

The Michigan natives are working to fix the floor and roof of their home and that distracts them from enjoying the holiday season.

"I haven't had time to go and do my Christmas shopping like i normally would because I’m painting and wallpapering and just trying to get the things picked up in the house and trying to get our lives back together."

According to Munfordville Mayor John Johnson, citizens are coping well in the storm's aftermath with many in the process of repairing their homes.

Many businesses affected by the tornado are up and running again and the city recently held its annual Christmas parade.

Mischanda Griffin believes the wake of this tragedy has made the town of Munfordville a more tight-knit community.

"I've noticed that neighbors have been helping other neighbors a lot more. I think the town's really been working together to help one another. It’s just a little different. I think everybody's just a little closer because of the tornado."

According to Mayor Johnson, Munfordville has received approximately $11,000 from the state which is paying city workers involved in the cleanup effort.

Mayor Johnson also says the city will have to build a new city hall as well as new offices for the police department and Department of Water and Sewage.