Draughons Opening in Logan County

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"We no only have the opportunity to rebuild skills for the displaced workers as they recently did in Morgantown after the Sumitomo closing, but we also have for associate degree advancement and obtainment for many of our high school and adult population," says L.E.A.D. Director Jody Lassiter.

Draughons Junior College has agreed to open a learning site in Logan County, and if the site proves successful it could be turned into a full-fledged campus.

Although the business school has main campuses in Bowling Green and two in Tennessee, county officials felt it was necessary to bring another facility to the area.

"I think the wave of the future in the workforce training and skills and post-secondary education opportunities is to have local opportunities for citizens, particularly our adult population that won't necessarily travel 30 minutes to Bowling Green or 30 minutes to Clarksville."

Draughons was originally slated to be housed in the old Red Kap building in Russellville and open before the end of the year. However, those plans were scrapped after it proved too costly to convert the "cutting and sewing factory" into a school.

"The problem was that an old industrial building often has problems in trying to multi-tenant a facility. Building firewalls, meeting codes, which we obviously want to do because we'll be serving a large student population."

Lassiter says the county and school officials are working with local developers and property owners to find a suitable place for the new Draughons location.

"It's not a matter of if, but when. We have them firmly located in the community, so we can start classes at the earliest opportunity."