Mike Buchanon Vows to Hold Transpark Opponents Accountable

Lawsuit Dismissed
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In an interview with WBKO today, Mike Buchanon said the court battles have cost south central Kentuckians untold amounts of money in lost revenue from businesses that have been scared away by Transpark opponents. His comments follow yesterday's dismissal by a federal judge, of the latest attempt by opponents to stop the Transpark.

Even as work continues at the "Kentucky Trimodal Transpark," a federal judge in Washington D.C. dismissed a lawsuit brought by two environmental groups and three individuals, which claimed the park had destroyed historic buildings, threatened natural resources, and would damage the quality of the environment. The judge found no basis for any of the opponents' claims.

Warren County judge-executive Mike Buchanon is passionate about his fight for the "Kentucky Trimodal Transpark," and the people who oppose it. And in addition to the revenue lost by companies not coming here, Buchanon cites the cost of the court battles.

One government official told me opponents have taken the Transpark to court seven times, and lost every step of the way. Buchanon is so frustrated with the lawsuits, he says he's talking to attorneys to try to recoup some of the costs.

Buchanon says he feels very good about solid prospects still coming to the Transpark, despite the lawsuits.

We talked with Jim Duffer, president of "Citizens for Managed Growth," the group opposed to the Transpark. He said he was not prepared to make a statement right now, but would have one ready on Monday.