Commission Revues Pay Plan

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Commission members also addressed the issue of revising the city's pay plan.

Confusion arose when a member of the Bowling Green Fire Department addressed the commission, telling them that several people had been promoted ahead of him and leapfrogged him in salary.

Commission members say he's not alone, and the commission spent over an hour discussing what could be done to fix the many holes in the pay plan to accommodate everyone.

Mayor Elaine Walker says, "The difficulty is it’s not enough to say we're going to address this one issue and that's what the debate was tonight."

"There are a lot of issues that have been raised. There are a lot of possibilities on how to address that. None of them are full proof. None of them is the way to address it."

The commission voted 4 to 1 to amend one part of the ordinance, and wait until the New Year to begin looking at implementing a new payment plan.

A motion was made for both Navajo Drive and Shawnee Way to stay temporarily closed until other traffic measures can be implemented in its second reading.

That passed four to one.

The board will wait two years or until road improvements are made, then they will discuss the issue again.