Customer Service Number for Child's Toy Is Actually Sex Chatline

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Dawson Smith says: "My friend has a card and you can play music on it and do different things with it. And he talks and stuff I just wanted one."

Dawson paid five dollars for this DJ Scribbles Spinhead doll at the Dollar General in Glasgow. He was excited to take it home and check it out but he had some questions.

Dawson says: "I wanted to know how you hook a CD player up to it. It said you could in the manual, but I didn't know how."

He called the 1-800 number on the back of the box for customer service.
That number directed him to another number. His mother called that number and this is what she heard.

"Hey sexy guys..."

Devona Smith says she's shocked at what her ten-year-old son might have heard on a phone sex hotline.

Devona says: "If he would've called that other number, he would've heard a lot of stuff that he shouldn't have heard."

WBKO wanted to make sure that the number on Dawson's box was not a fluke. So we went to different Dollar General Stores in our area. We were able to find these two DJ Scribbles Spinhead dolls. And both of them have the same 1-800 number.

Devona says: "I went to the Dollar General Store and spoke to the manager and she took information and said they would take it off the shelves but I don't think they have."

Dawson says he hopes the company does something about it soon.

Dawson says: "I hope they get it off the market so other people can't call it. Especially eight-year olds and people like that."

Devona smith has tried to find out more about the company. However, the company is out of business.

As for the Dollar General Corporation, WBKO called their corporate offices, and they said they are working to have the 1-800 number re-directed, so no one else hears the recording. They said they are also going to pull the toys from the shelves in our area.