Santa Visits Salvation Army

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Caleb Fields says: "We had potato salad, barbecue, beans and bread."

Five days a week the Salvation Army serves meals in their soup kitchen. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Mandy Glenn says: "If they don't have families they can always come here and join the people here and act like they're families."

On the Day before Christmas Eve there was a large crowd.

Glenn says: "We had a really good turnout. We had a lot of people come in today."

One reason for the large crowd? Santa and Mrs. Claus were special guests today. And they were the main event, behind the food, of course.

Coree Sparrow says: "Eating. And I came here to let her see Santa Claus."

Emma McFarland says: "Meal and to see Santa Claus for the kids."

Fields says: "Come to see Santa."

The kids were excited to get presents and see Santa, but that's not the only thing diners at the Salvation Army are grateful for this Christmas.

Freddie Beck says: "I'd like to thank the Salvation Army for all the things they do for society. And thank God for what they've done for me in the past."