Hurricane Katrina Victims Give Back

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Mary Jo, David and their daughter Amber held on to a bridge for hours when Hurricane Katrina ravaged their Biloxi Mississippi home. The Barnett's survived the flooding but lost everything. With the help and support of the Bowling Green community they were able to find shelter and start a new life.

Nine-year-old Amber was surprised with a computer and a bag full of school supplies.

At the time Amber told WBKO she would show gratitude for this special gesture.

Amber kept her promise by writing a poem to the Bowling Green community as a Christmas present.

Poet and family friend Brandy Milam introduced poetry to the Amber by writing expressive lines about the Barnett's experience.

Milam says Amber embraced the poem and now finds written words a useful tool in expressing her family's incredible experience.

Amber says life is almost back to normal again just in time for the event that celebrates love and giving.

The Barnetts have now made South Central Kentucky their permanent home.

They say the transition would not have been as smooth had they not had the love and support from this community.

Hurricane Katrina Remebrance
by Brandy Milam

A thing to go through,
So bad to deal,
Watching your life fade,
As the wind blew through your window seals,
As you look out your back door,
To see the water rushing,
All you heard was the waves of the ocean gushing,
You grab your daughter to hold her close,
But not knowing there wasn't any boats,
No boats to come save you,
Or help you in the time of need,
All you could do was pray and plead,
The water was coming so fast you could not think,
Everything was becoming water logged and began to sink,
The visions that flashed before your eyes,
I sure wish someone could have heard your cryes,
Your only cry was for help,
Hearing you tell your story makes my heart melt,
You fought the final battle as the wind blew harder,
You wasn't worried about yourself, your husband only your nine year old daughter,
You must have been strong to deal with that,
I know you was worried about your roof going splat,
You have moved on now with a new life ahead,
You have us now, can we be your friends instead,
Instead of all the heartache from leaving your family behind,
You are a part of our family starting September 2nd 2005,
I know you miss your grandbabys Jordan, Kamron and troy,
Just remember in your heart that they are grannys three little boys,
Here in Kentucky you have us to hopefully fill that void,
We will always be here for you as long as we are alive,
Everybody is thankful that you a ll didn't die,
I know you will never forget all that you went through,
Just remember that we are here and that we love you..................
December 6th 2005

Amber's poem:

Thankyou family for helping us! We thankyou a lot we are from Hurricane Katrina! From Amber, MaryJo and David we are alive.

We are glad we trust in you and family and everyone.
Hurricane Katrina damage are house and my Grandma.
Thank you for helping us with every thing and we are glad.
We are glad we have what we need because you helped us.
Only because Hurricane Katrina and you got us warm hearts to.
Please keep us with you and your hearts and good ones to.