623rd Unit Comes Home

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Families welcomed home soldiers from the Kentucky Army National Guard's 623rd Field Artillery, who have spent the last year serving overseas in "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

The unit is composed of soldiers from Glasgow, Tompkinsville, and other surrounding communities.

This was the end of the 623rd unit's time in Iraq. Many families were lined up waiting for their arrival to the Cave City Convention Center.

"I'm ecstatic. This is the best Christmas present I could have ever wished for," says 623rd soldier David Nunn.

"I'm glad it's over with. We did what we had to do over there, and now we're done. I'm just glad to be back home with my family during the holidays," says 623rd soldier James Enlow.

Before arriving at the Cave City Convention Center, Enlow's children were surprised with the news that their father was finally coming home.

"My daughter just figured it out and I told her and she started crying. She was so excited", says Melissa Enlow.

"I think sometimes people get caught up in Christmas presents and things, but this is the true meaning of Christmas...just having my husband home", says Julie Nunn.