Chopper Crashes in Nearby Lake

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Three people involved in a helicopter crash on their way to Fort Campbell are at home. A television news crew from WHAS traveling by helicopter crashed into Lake Malone Thursday. Witnesses say the three in the chopper are fortunate to be alive after the chopper sank into the water while they were still seat-belted in.

The photographer and reporter from WHAS (out of Louisville) and the pilot were able to escape through the busted windshield and swim to safety through the ice-cold water. The pilot says the chopper started to malfunction so he steered toward the lake.

Area neighbors say they are used to helicopters flying over their homes from Fort Campbell but they never expected a news helicopter to crash. Crews spent all of Friday attempting to retrieve the helicopter from the lake. Pontoon boats were used, along with a crane to retrieve the helicopter. No one was injured in the accident. The FAA is investigating the matter.