Hometown Hero - Blitz

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Meet 9 year-old Blitz, he's Bowling Green's very own K-9 super star. Officer Kevin Renfrow has been working side -by-side with Blitz since they became partners in 1998.

Since then, the duo has been a vital part of keeping the Bowling Green community safe and drug free.

Major J.R. Wilkins says the bond and dedication this team built made for a very productive K-9 unit - one that will be dearly missed when they both retire this year.

Officer Renfrow, who is being transferred to an investigative unit, says Blitz went to work his very first week on the force. He found over 140 pounds of Marijuana in a tank during a vehicle search.

On one occasion, he tracked down two robbers straight to their front door after a car robbery.

The duo has always placed well during national K-9 competitions. In 2005 Renfrow and Blitz received first place in narcotics detection.

Renfrow says he has mixed emotions about their retirement from the K-9 unit, but says he loves knowing his best friend will provide his family with their home security system.

Major Wilkins says the bowling green police department plans on getting a replacement dog and handler that will start training promptly in February.

He also says although they will be properly trained, the new unit will have big paws to fill.