Seum Stephenson Resignation Made Official in Frankfort

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The resignation of the senator from the 37th district was accepted officially Tuesday as the Senate met on opening day.

State Senate President, David Williams, says: “Mr. Clerk is there communication?”

Clerk responds: "Mr. President the senate has received a letter from Senator Dana Seum Stephenson in which she resigns her seat in the Senate."

Williams says: "Without objection the communication from Senator Stephenson is accepted and shall be spread at length upon the journal of the Senate."

That announcement was made at the beginning of the senate's meeting. After the senate adjourned, Senate President David Williams held a press conference discussing the resignation in greater detail.

The state supreme court ruled December 22nd Stephenson did not meet residency requirements and was properly challenged before the November 2004 election. But the court says Democrat Virginia Woodward also can't serve because she didn't receive the most votes.

The result leaves the 37th district Senate seat in Jefferson County vacant, as it has been for a year.