Franklin Dam Almost Complete

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"We don't want to keep fixing problems, we want to design and build for the future."

The problem Franklin Mayor Jim Brown is referring to is the former Franklin Dam on Drakes Creek.

"The original dam cap which was done in the mid-80s was an earthen structure."

That dirt structure was covered with concrete and a liner, but it did not stand up to the weather.

"We had a situation where there were holes in that. We had some areas where water was running over top of it. And it was essentially dissolving the dam as it did that."

So in 2003 the Franklin City commission decided to build a new dam, even though some thought they should just fix the old one.

"The city had kept about $200,000 in reserves for dam repair and we're going to eliminate that problem."

In February of 2005 construction on the new dam began and is now almost complete. Critics of the dam were initially upset because they had to pay higher taxes to pay for the $5 million project. But Mayor Brown says they have now quieted.

"We feel like anybody who looks at it with a normal, business-like head is going to see that this is obviously money well-spent. Essentially, this dam will last forever."