Hometown Hero - Jennifer Bostick

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Tracy Hill was diagnosed with Lupus almost 13 years ago. The auto-immune disease attacked her kidney forcing her to go on dialysis for one year. It was a very tough year for Tracy, but one that came to a miraculous end.

Hill says, "towards the end it seemed like it got harder and harder and that's when Jennifer came in and gave me her kidney which was a very unselfish act on her part and she's just a hero, my hero because she gave me my life back."

Jennifer and Tracy are cousins who grew up as sisters, becoming best friends and sharing a special bond.

Tracy's health was fading quickly, doctors at Vanderbilt put her on a kidney transplant list.

People on these lists typically wait two to three years for a match.

Tracy waited about 3 months because Jennifer was found to be a perfect match.

After several rounds of testing and risking not having any more children, Jennifer told Tracy she would donate her kidney.

Jennifer and Tracy are both doing great. Tracy's new kidney has made her life normal again.

The disease has a 15 to 20 percent chance of recoccuring after surgery but that's not the case for Tracy.

And Tracy says she has been completely cured of the Lupus.

Both Tracy and Jennifer say they want to be a symbol of hope for people with Lupus.

Tracy says she's considering starting a support group and Jennifer hopes to encourage doubtful donors of the surgery process.