Teen Missing With Former Teacher

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Police in Tompkinsville are looking for a 14-year-old student who they believe left town with his former teacher, Angela Comer. Tompkinsville authorities are working with Kentucky State Police and the FBI. The child's family is upset that no Amber Alert has been issued because police say Comer is armed with a gun.

Tompkinsville Police Chief, Dale Ford, says: "We've had conflicting stories. They've been everywhere from Canada to England. Everyday we get calls, but we have no idea."

The missing boy's grandmother says he's always excelled in school and sports and she is shocked that he would run away.

She says: "We went to bed around 10:30 Friday night. And I let him sleep in on Saturdays. And I couldn't find my purse when I got up, so I went to ask him if he had seen it and that's when I discovered he had stuffed the bed with pillows."

Police say the boy and Comer took around seven hundred dollars and credit cards from York's purse, and they say he was not forced to go with her.

Chief Ford says: "He went willingly. We have seized the computer there was some chat. There was evidence there was a relationship between the two of them."

Kentucky State Police say the boy's willingness to go with Comer was one reason an Amber Alert was not filed. Tompkinsville Police say Comer purchased a gun in December.

The grandmother says, "She has maneuvered him psychologically so who is to say if she has a gun did he go willingly or not. I don't know."

Chief Ford says there is reason to suspect that Comer is a threat.

Ford says: "Anyone committing a crime and carrying a firearm I would consider dangerous."

Comer resigned from Monroe County Middle School in November of 2005. She was last seen traveling in a red 2001 Camaro. They are unsure of the license plate numbers. Comer also has her four-year-old son with her.