DUI Charges

Drinking and Driving
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"These are similar cases, factually, in that you had 2 individuals...Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Peay, both operating a motor vehicle drunk in Warren county," says Warren County Commonwealth Attorney, Chris Cohron.

21-year-old Justin Copas was a passenger in a car driven by Carpenter in July and Jamie Markus died after Peay's car ran off the road and hit a tree.

Cohron says stiffer penalties are becoming more commonplace in cases like these because of their severity.

"I think it would be silly for anyone to think that if they're in a vehicle while drunk and you hurt someone or kill someone, you're going to prison. That's just the nature and that's how serious these cases are now. There are no excuses anymore for these type cases."

Even stiffer penalties apply when it comes to a case like in Christian County. 55-year-old Gary Pentecost was indicted on 2 counts of murder and D-U-Ii with an aggravator after he hit and killed Jimmy and Shaleen Johnson, who were riding on a motorcycle in November.

"When looking at it, we look at many factors. We look at the defendant's record. We look at the facts and circumstances surrounding the event and then make a decision, either on a charge and then as a presentation to the grand jury."

Cohron says he hopes giving stiffer penalties will help deter more of these cases from occuring.