Teacher and Teen Located in Mexico

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Betty Carter York says: "I've thought about that. I just think I'll probably say to him, 'We're going to get you some help."

She wants her grandson to know that she loves him and is grateful he's alive. He was found at a motel in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Tuesday night.

Tompkinsville Police Chief, Dale Ford, says: "Everyone is in good health. The children are fine and everything went over smooth no incident in the arrest."

The fourteen year old was with a former teacher, Angela Comer, and police say the two were involved sexually.

Monroe County Attorney, Wes Stephens, says: "The defendant was a school teacher and she was trained to raise and protect the children. And she's violated that trust. We have evidence that it was ongoing while she was a teacher. And I don't think there is any action that would be severe enough for the actions she's taken."

Comer and the victim's sexual relationship goes back to June of 2005.

Stephens says: "It's in a gray area because of the age of the juvenile. If he was 12 or under there would automatically be. But because he's between 12-16 there will probably be some rape 3rd degree charges.

Since Comer and the boy crossed the United States border she will face stiffer penalties for charges of kidnapping and custodial interference. She will be extradited back to Tompkinsville as soon as police get the paperwork completed.

The victim's grandmother says when Comer goes to trial she will testify and she has a question she wants answered.

York says: "The first thing I'd say is "How could you, as a teacher, destroy a child's life?"