Political Office Nominees Low

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The only problem is, not that many people are filing applications for these positions.

As of Wednesday, less than a handful of non-incumbents have said they will run for City Commission seats.

Western Kentucky University Political Science professor, Dr. Saundra Ardrey says there are several reasons that people don't run for local offices anymore.

"It is negative. You open yourself and your family up to all kinds of scrutiny and criticism, and it’s just gotten to be a very nasty business."

Ardrey also believes long-standing misconceptions also deter people from going for political office.

"Many of us have the notion that you have to be educated. You have to have lots of money to run. Neither one of those are true because even at the local level. We are all citizens."

Despite the lack of those running for jobs, Jack Wright filed his paperwork last week to run for an office in Warren County.

He says public service is something he's wanted to do for years.

After working in numerous organizations and activities in the community, Wright says he wants to expand his work to all of Warren County.

Ardrey encourages those who feel they have something to offer the community to run for office.

"One of the ways you get the things you need for your family is from the system. The best way to affect and influence that political system, you become part of that system when you run for office."