Hometown Hero - Abby Cummings

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10 year old Abby Cummings was recently diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma - a type of bone cancer that usually affects young children.

When we met Abby she just completed her first round of chemotherapy and 2 intensive hip surgeries.

Abby's remarkable bravery, kindred spirit and faith, despite her illness, is what has this woodburn community amazed.

It's more than Abby's candid attitude about her situation that makes her special - it's also her bravery.

Her family says she exudes calmness despite everything.

Pastor Tim Harris says Abby's devout faith has made her a role model for the entire Woodburn Baptist Church.

Abby has not only captured local hearts. Her website has already gotten over 4000 hits and she's received more than 200 emails from people all over the country and overseas.

The student body and staff at Lost River Elementary School has also come together to support the Cummings - taking in Abby's twin sister and making long drives to visit Abby at Vanderbilt.

Abby says, "it makes me happy and gives me the feeling that I know I am going to get through this and I will get stronger with everyone praying for me."

Still Abby says the real heroes are her family and friends who have never left her side since she started hurting.

Abby has to ungergo a series of chemotherapy treatments, the next one is scheduled for January 19th.