Skatepark Design Discussed

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In June 2005, the Bowling Green City Commission voted to spend $850,000 to build a skatepark within the city.

On Saturday, local skaters were able to talk to the architects and designer of the skatepark to discuss what the new park should look like.

"We don't want to end up spending alot of money on a park that nobody uses, so hopefully if we find out what the people skating it want then it will be a park that they enjoy using", says Kim Mason.

Mason's son Matt has been skating for two years and was excited about having the opportunity to meet with the designer of the skatepark. According to Mason, the new park will help benefit the Bowling Green community.

"More businesses won't have to worry about people skating outside their business place, and won't have to worry about messed up ledges and stuff that makes it not as attractive," says Matt Mason.

An ongoing question that was brought up at the meeting was whether or not the skatepark should allow bikes. According to the designer, his skatepark designs don't exclude bikers.

"Bikers are users of skateparks too, and I don't like to limit users, so I like letting bikes in", says designer Wally Hollyday.

Officials are still considering Roland Bland Park as the possible site for the skatepark, but it isn't set in stone just yet.

The new skatepark is expected to open in August or September.

There will be a couple more meetings with the architects and designer before plans of what the park will look like are finalized. Stay connected to WBKO for those dates.

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