Councilwoman Recognized

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"As a child I liked to read and I didn't play with dolls. I liked to read a lot and my parents, they surprised me with books when I was a young child," says Dickerson.

A love of reading and a love of people led Dickerson to become an Adairville council member back in 1992. Now 14 years later, the 92-year-old woman is being honored for her service to the community.

Dickerson was honored today as part of the Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks celebration.

"I think it says to anybody that sees her life, "I, too, can serve." Dr. King said that is the ultimate service to mankind to someone else. Her example is a perfect example of service," says state representative Reginald Meeks.

Dickerson is currently the oldest serving elected official in the state of Kentucky.

The mother of five was honored as a Kentucky Admiral by Senator Joey Pendleton and Jan. 15 was proclaimed "Bernice Dickerson Day" in Logan County.

Those close to Dickerson say her work for the community will go down in history and this ceremony is just the beginning.

Her son, Reverend Robert Dickerson is pleased with that the community is honoring his mother.

"I think great of it. I think it’s a wonderful thing for them. It’s gonna be another honor down the road. Martin Luther King, Rosa, my mom will be like the rest of them.