Highway Safety

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Sunday a young girl was killed when her family was waiting for assistance in the emergency lane on 1-65, and police say it happens more than you may think.

Kentucky State Police trooper Terry Alexander says the emergency lane is a false safety net.

Which proved to be true this weekend when a tractor trailer veered off the road striking this SUV.

Police say accidents like this are caused mostly by driver inattention

Alexander says in this multitasking world, people try to do many things while driving, causing most of the crashes they work.

And while multitasking on the interstate, drivers going 65 miles per hour travel over a hundred feet per second, making every second count.

And if you have to pull over, using your hazard lights and a cell phone may not be enough.

"But if the weather is permissible then yea it's a good idea to get out of the vehicle," said Alexander.