Leaking Dam in Logan County

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A leak in Spa Lake Dam was first noticed in November. Since then, city leaders have been trying to come up with the money to fix it. But repairs won't come cheaply. Early estimates show it will cost at least $100,000 to repair. Now city officials are asking the Federal Government to chip in.

"With things the way they are here in Russellville and Logan County, we just don't have that kind of money."

Wayne Thomas with the Russellville Public Works, says they are taking the leak very seriously. "We are monitoring it, but I don't think anyone is in any kind of harm."

If the dam collapsed, it would have a major economic impact on the local economy. Spa Lake is used by Logan Aluminum, which pumps water from the lake to use in its manufacturing.

"We're going to try to get the leak repaired for Logan Aluminum, but we're also looking for another source for them in case it breaks."

In the meantime, a series of studies will be conducted to find out what caused the leak.